I made this guy for a friend at school. :3 He’s based off of a monster she made for our Mastering the Pencil class last semester. He’s called a Yaffle (A monster obsessed with waffles in a raffle). He’s holding a waffle with the number 102 on it.

I’m a bit upset that this guy can’t stand on his own because his center of gravity is in a weird spot. I didn’t want to change his design at all, so I just made him sit, which is still cute, in my opinion. I guess he COULD stand if you messed with him enough.

He’s made entirely out of pipecleaners with a hollow round body.

This blog is a shoot off of my main blog.

You can ask me anything here and I'll answer it as best I can. I may even draw a picture for you.... maybe.

I'll be posting art to this blog along with photos (most of my ferrets) every now and then.

My animal blog (This use to be my pet blog.)

At some point, I'll be changing my layout. This one bothers me, because it's so plain. I just need help and to not be lazy.

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